Slab Jacking to Save Your Concrete in the Kitimat Area

Over time, many concrete surfaces and structures become uneven and unstable. Why should you have the expense and disruption of demolition, removal and replacement just to take care of uneven concrete at your home or business? Instead have Thermal Jacket Insulation provide a long-lasting solution with slab jacking.

Cost Effective & Time Efficient

Outdated mud jacking methods just use more concrete to raise them, bringing in a cement truck and taking your time and money. Instead, Thermal Jack Insulation makes the process faster and cost effective with the newest technology – slab jacking with SWD polyurethane foam. Our certified installers lift and level your concrete slabs with foam that stabilizes the ground and sets quickly, all at a lower cost.

Save your concrete with Thermal Jack Insulation. Call us for a free consultation and free estimate for our services in the Kitimat area and parts of the Northwest Region, including:

  • Warehouse & commercial floors
  • Foundations
  • Basements & garage pads
  • Driveways & walkways
  • Steps & patios
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